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The members of consortium are:

Hungary - Artemisszió Foundation (Budapest, Hungary)

Italy - Giolli società cooperativa sociale (Parma, Italy)

Poland - Association of Drama Practitioners STOP-KLATKA (Warsaw, Poland)

France - Elan Interculturel (Paris, France)

Spain - La Xixa Teatre (Barcelona, Spain)


Hungary - Artemisszió Foundation

The Artemisszió Foundation has been operating since 1998 as a non-profit organization of public interest, recently with 17 employees. The founders were young anthropologists who wanted to apply their theoretical knowledge and the results of their scientific research to foster social and personal development and open-minded thinking. We are aiming to achieve our objectives through the research, promotion and use of the theory and practice of intercultural communication.

Our goals are:

  • to encourage continuous dialogue and interaction between culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups and to foster their mutual understanding,
  • to support the social integration of socially and culturally disadvantaged groups,
  • to strengthen scientific and cultural relations internationally
  • to develop and disseminate intercultural training courses, educational materials and methods

The mission of the Foundation is to provide an opportunity for the widest possible section of society to take part in activities that develop competencies that strengthen relations among people, improve communication and conflict-resolution skills, and contribute to the development of tolerance, mutual understanding and cooperation. For us it is a priority to include socially disadvantaged groups – the unemployed, people living in rural areas, the Roma and immigrants – to increase their equal opportunities and to fight social exclusion. Our activities include intercultural trainings, global education workshops, school cooperation, compilation and publications of educational materials, youth mobility programs, using arts as tools for social inclusion.

Our latest international project about forum theatre and other art forms for adaptation was Ariadne. In this project we organized forum theatre and creative media workshops for migrants and local people to help migrants’ adaptation. We assessed the impact of the activities on their adaptation process. Before the workshops we collected and wrote theories on art and adaptation. The final result of the project is a handbook about theory, practice and a toolkit with a lot of exercises and games.

More info:

Another previous international project was “Play to change” training for youth workers about theatre. It served as a tool for social inclusion which included also forum theatre.

We had some local projects using forum theatre in poor small villages in the North of Hungary. In the Let’s act against poverty project our aim was to build and develop diverse local communities, empower them and create a space where they can react and act on their everyday individual and collective problems.




Italy - Giolli società cooperativa sociale

Giolli is a small cooperative, democratically managed, inspired by these approaches:

  • Boal's theatre method
  • Paulo Freire's raising awareness
  • Community development
  • Specific No-violence.

Giolli works in the field of social theatre, both in schools and social contexts (district at risk, group of migrants, prisoners...); moreover Giolli proposes several workshops to train social workers and teachers in our methodology or about specific socio-educational issues (conflicts, peace education, prevention at risk behaviour, violence and bullying prevention...).

We also do interactive performance of Forum-Theatre about these issues, both in schools and other public contexts.

We are experienced in secondary school because we have been working in this context since 1992 when the first association was born. We led several projects about drug, Aids, alcohol, bullying prevention, both with our actors and with students. We met thousands of students from vocational or secondary schools in many Italian provinces. We participated in a national research about alcohol prevention together with Lega Tumori in a plan financed by Minister for Health.

We also have worked with teachers in in-service trainings about their role, conflicts management, peace education and with groups of parents about the educational role.

Our organisation is member of Lega Cooperative, one of the powerful meta-organisation that gathers many cooperatives.

The size of Giolli is small; we have 4 members and 10 collaborators on project, more a group of actors for the Forum plays. The permanent staff includes 2 supervisors/trainers, 1 responsible for marketing, 1 for administration, 2 coordinators.




Poland - Association of Drama Practitioners STOP-KLATKA

The Association of Drama Practitioners STOP-KLATKA consists of passionate people working for social change by using the Applied Drama method and teach working with drama.

We use drama in such areas as education, prevention, rehabilitation, developing interpersonal, social and civic skills, preventing discrimination and exclusion as well as building ties within local communities. Since 2002 we carried out over 40 drama-based projects, reaching over 23,000 people.

The Association also promotes, popularises, and teaches Applied Drama method. We organise drama courses and workshops, international conferences and forums for drama practitioners, publish materials and certify drama coaches and supervisors. Over 2,500 people from all over Poland have participated in our courses, which use drama in group work.

The Associations draws its strength from the people who combine their active attitude towards social change and vast competences in various subject matters with knowledge of drama and working with groups. Members of the Association include psychologists, teachers, social policy and rehabilitation experts, theatre experts, coaches, a mediator, a journalist, a choreographer, human rights experts, event organisers, actors and actresses, therapists and students – some of them graduates of a year-long Drama programme at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.



Project Manager: Małgorzata Winiarek-Kołucka

Expert: Marta Hamerszmit

Website: Kasia Dzięciołowska


France - Elan Interculturel

Elan Interculturel is an independent association created by five psychologists, researchers and trainers interested in exploring diversity and making it a source of advantage. The main objectives of Elan Interculturel are:

  • To create a better understanding of how diversity affects our lives,
  • To raise awareness of the resources inherent in diversity and
  • To support organisations and individuals in finding ways to benefit from cultural diversity.

To reach our objectives:

  • We develop/lead trainings for professionals working in intercultural situations and individuals in situations of cross-cultural transition or in cultural contact zones (spaces in which cross-cultural encounters take place).
  • We conduct research in intercultural and social psychology, aiming at a better understanding of intercultural dynamics.
  • We engage in international collaborations and partnerships as a means of developing new tools and methodologies to facilitate intercultural contact or adaptation.

Elan has experience in using performing arts activities as a learning tool. As the coordinator of the GRUNDTVIG project ARIADNE (Art for Intercultural Adaptation to New Environments), we have explored the transfer of artistic creativity to social, personal or intercultural creativity through pilot sessions where migrants participate in art activities of different branches of visual and performing arts.

Another area of interest is collaboration and partnerships formed between heterogeneous groups.Due to this focus, Elan Interculturel has assumed assessment tasks in different European collaborations (for example: “Intercultool” 2009 and “TIMING” – a Toolkit for Mainstreaming Intercultural Dialogue (2009-2011).  Elan will bring our expertise in evaluation to this project.


E-mail: Vera Varhegyi,


 Spain - La Xixa Teatre

La Xixa Teatre it’sa non-profit organization that aims to research, develop and expand the theatrical and educational tools as a means of social transformation.
For us, theatre is the synthesis of all the arts and an essential tool for social transformation. We are therefore constantly searching and re-developing of our both artistic and educational proposals using various techniques. We are a multidisciplinary group formed with partners in the field of arts and social sciences that enriches our creative work and keeps us in a permanent training and learning. We organize and lead workshops and creations locally and internationally.
We carry out plays of various formats. We are specialists in the format of Theatre Forum. We take part in initiatives to develop educational and cultural issues about: Education, Gender,
Intercultural issues , Public participation, Awareness about North-South inequality countries, fair trade, etc.