Groups taking part in the Forum Theatre pilotage in schools

The first workshops in schools within the project began in September. Since then we gathered groups of pupils who've been on a camp and taken part in a series of workshops. You can now read about our groups (below) and see the pictures from Spain, from Poland and from Hungary.


La Xixa Teatre Association - Spain
     La xixa Teatre Association is developing the FOTEL's pilot project at the high school Cristofol Colom, in the Bon Pastor neighbourhood in Barcelona. The neighbours in this part of the city are mostly Roma families and migrants families coming from outside the EU, for instance, Colombia,   Domican Republic, Pakistan, Morocco, and China, this reality it's also true for the group taking part in the FOTEL project. This pilot project give to us and to the group of 15 children (70% girls) from 15 years old to 17 years old the chance to talk about emotions, "What do you do when you feel bored? I sleep, I eat, I look TV, I'm never bored I have to take care of my little sister the house..." And to talk about the future " Why do yòu think school is important?", we are creating common espaces to reflect together for learning together

Association of Drama Practitioners STOP-KLATKA - Poland
     The FOTEL pilot run by Stop-Klatka takes place in the Secondary School with integrated classes no. 37 in downtown Warsaw.
25 students applied and 18 took part in the camp near Warsaw. Our participants are from 13 to 15 years old, girls and boys. Participants are diversified in terms of family background and psychological profile, there is one Roma girl in the group.
     During the camp we answered the questions like ‘what we like and don’t like about school?’, ‘how to make school a better place?’. We also whitnessed rich interactions between the participants and how the group support increased for those who feel unwanted at school. After the camp the workshops at school started - every week we develop our skills in movie and scenography making as well as we prepare for the Forum theatre performance which will take place in January.

Artemisszió Foundation - Hungary
     Artemisszió organises weekly sessions with the pupils who participate in the pilot phase of the project. We work with a group of 12-17 pupils. The group is mixed, there are Hungarian and Roma pupils. The majority of them has changed schools at least twice, but some of them 3-7 times in their life.
     During the study group sessions we intend to develop different competencies of the pupils and to affect their attitude. The main objective is to create a forum theatre performance after a 3-4 months "preparatory period".
     Basically we use forum theatre and drama technics and through these we enable pupils to cooperate better, to communicate better, to be able to express their thoughts, to reflect on their situation, and on the main topic: the causes and consequences of early school leaving.
     At the beginning we used many drama games and step by step we started to focus on how to present the problem of early school leaving in the final performance. For this we stood up scenes where the pupils could invoke their experiences, then we talked about the phenomena.