Workshops in schools - exercises

During the workshops we use many exercises to warm-up and integrate the group we work with. Below you can see the first package of exercises prepared by Artemisszio Foundation.


Shepherd game
Make small groups (4-5 people). Every group has a leader (a shepherd) the other are sheeps (but they stand during the game, they don’t have to do it on hands and knees). When you say start the sheeps start to escape very slowly but in the same time. So the shepherd has to concentrate to every sheeps in the same time and directed back to the start position.

Who is the leader?
Participants sit in a circle. One person volunteers to leave the room. After they leave, the rest of the group chooses a ‘leader’. The leader must perform a series of actions, such as clapping, tapping a foot, etc, that are copied by the whole group. The volunteer comes back into the room, stands in the middle and tries to guess who is leading the actions. The group protects the leader by not looking at him/her. The leader must change the actions at regular intervals, without getting caught. When the volunteer spots the leader, they join the circle, and the person who was the leader leaves the room to allow the group to choose a new leader.

Chair reservation
Everybody has to put his chair to somewhere in the room but randomly and not in a circle. Everybody will have a seat but there is one empty chair for the facilitator who has to stand. Facilitator's role is to sit down to his chair but the other people has to block him. The only way is to block him if somebody sit down to the empty chair. But in that case there will be an empty chair again. So the task is to keep the facilitator stand as long as possible.
Not allowed to balk the facilitator physically (no contact, no touch).
Not allowed to sit back to your chair directly just after that you sat to another chair.
Allowed to speak and run but carefully.
The game ends if somebody break a rule or the facilitator sit down.

We have to make a circle. The facilitator stand in the middle because he is the sheriff. If the sheriff shoot down somebody he has to go down and the two neighbours has to duel with each other. Who is faster, win. The other is out of the game (or in another version he becomes sheriff).
Always sheriff’s task is to decide who was faster or draw.