Partner meeting in Warsaw

We met on 21-23 of January in Warsaw in order to sum up the previous actions, talk about our pilotes in schools and plan the next phase of the project. Although it was very cold outside we managed to fulfill the plan. The whole first day was dedicated to the management subjects as financial settlements, communication wothin the consortium and mid-term report.

During the second day we talked mainly about the pilotes at schools - concentrating on groups and impact on the participants. Every patner noticed a huge evolution in students' group behaviuor - the cooperation improved within the process. Also teachers got involved into the process quite easly. All the coclusions will be included in the report based on observations which will be the next output of the FOTEL Poject.

On Wednesday we also took part in the meeting at Warsaw University Faculty of Education, where we talked to students interested in the subject of early school leaving. The meeting was prepared with the project team working at the University. This project concentrates on a comprehensive, intersectional and gender sensitive approach of the issue of Early School Leaving (ESL) in Europe.

The third day was mainly about the future. We discussed the content of the Handbook for teachers and educators and the upcoming teachers' training as well as the promotion of the project - conference and newsltter content.

You can see all the photos in the gallery.