Teacher training course

We kindly invite you to the teachers' training taking place in Budapest, Hungary, 27th October to 1st November 2014.

All the details containing the THREE STEPS FOR OBTAINING THE GRANT AND PARTICIPATE IN THE TRAINING are available here:

Critical incidents and forum theatre to reduce early school leaving teacher training course

Why to participate? What to learn? What to take home?

We invite educational staff working in a school facing in their daily work the challenge of cultural differences and early school leaving. The training’s basic objective is to equip these professionals with the competencies necessary to deal how to overcome these challenges in their professional situations. This includes: 

·         Helping participants gain a better understanding of cultural differences related with early school leaving.

·         Helping participants develop skills to reflect on their students’ and their own cultural behaviour.

·         Helping participants be able to design and lead their own trainings taking into account cultural differences in critical incident method and Forum Theatre

Improving skills and facility in preventing or handling cultural tensions and incompatibilities.