All agents can teach and learn. 
All agents are owners of some knowledge.
All agents are subjects and never objects of a process. 
All agents have equal rights to speak and be heard.
All agents have equal rights to propose problems, options, contents and solutions.
Basic premises of the Freire's definition of liberazing pedagogy
The Handbook for teachers prepared as a part of FOTEL Project is a result of our pilot project conducted in schools in France, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Spain where teachers deal with an early school leaving problem. Everything what we present was at first checked in practice. Hopefully this material will be an inspiration and a practical guideline for those who look for an active method in everyday work with students at risk of an early school leaving. Below you can find the Handbook in six languages. In order to learn more - contact us!
1. Introduction
  • Early School Leaving. Who? Why? So then...
2. Exercises
  • Group building
  • Looking for oppressions
  • Building a forum theatre embryo,
  • Clearing the embryo,
  • Performing
3. Bibliography
In every chapter you will find a few propositions of activities, every based on the same structure containing pedagogical objectives, pedagogical skills and materials, evaluation and precise intruction.
As an interesting  complement of the chapter you will be able to watch the videos concentrated on a given Forum Theatre element and presented from a local point of view - recorded during the pilot conducted in the schools from the consortium countries.