Project in the Media

HUNGARY March 13th 2014 - Radio interview

Representants of our Hungarian partner were guests in the radio programme (Civil Rádió Egál Plusz).

In order to listen Hungarian broadcast about Forum Theatre technique and European problem of early school leaving visit our Youtube program.



POLAND August 28th 2013 - press conference

The press conference on early school leaving took place on August 28th 2013 in Warsaw.

According to the research one of the forms of coping with the problem of early school leaving by young people can be a method of "Forum Theatre". "It involves the performance showing the mechanism of "falling out" from the educational system. Later, the audience has a chance to go on stage, play the roles and change the course of action. It allows us to see and understand some of the issues and we realize that even in real life we can make other decisions about our education" - said Małgorzata Winiarek-Kołucka, president of the Association of Practitioners Drama Stop-Frame, project manager.

Some articles in Polish are available below: